IO Vapoura [Variations]

by San Jaya Prime

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All good robots go to heaven. They go to crystalline cities in the clouds in a land called Halcyon Electronica. The music of that land and of "IO Vapoura" blends the instruments of East and West with the downtempo genres of dreampop, chillout, ambient and dance. This LP, the Air element of the four "IO" LPs, marks the third full album from T.Rex artist San Jaya Prime. Bittersweet and haunting, "Vapoura" also brings hope to a future where humanity lives on only in memory

What others are saying...

"To say I enjoy this album would be an understatement."
~ William DeAngelis,
CEO & Creative Director at DeAngelis Designs

"I look forward to seeing where Jaya goes from here."
~ PK (Peppermill Records)


released July 7, 2010

Production + Album Art: San Jaya Prime
Mastering: BMFD
Storyline: LamatKan + Keaegan Macab
Label: Trochlear Rex




San Jaya Prime Austin

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

I hitchhike, I make music, and I meddle with things. Frakking love to meddle with sheit! My business is in surprising cops in small towns everywhere with the portable studio in my backpack. You really should see their faces... McPriceless! ... more

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Track Name: Gongo Dodan
gongo dödan
words fail

setsuji ichimotsu soku fuchü
The moment a thing is spoken of, the mark is missed.
Track Name: Non-finite
"The sky is the limit"

jitsugetsu mo shörin shi itarazu
tenchi mo gaifuku shitsukusazu
Sun and Moon cannot completely illuminate it;
Heaven and Earth cannot completely cover it.

közu mo naki ni wa shikazu
A good thing isn't as good as nothing.
Track Name: Le Miracle de la Machine
"Les pots fêlés sont ceux qui durent le plus."
"Cracked Pots are those that last the most."

"La vérité finit toujours par se découvrir."
"The truth will always be discovered."
Track Name: Halcyon Electronica (Effusionary Mix)
hi ni itte shinkin iro utata azayaka nari
Pure gold, entering fire, colors even brighter.

jishö isshö tenchi odoroku
My single laugh shakes both heaven and earth.
Track Name: At a tea house, under paper shadows
sono shi o yoku sen to hosseba mazu sono kokoro o yoku shi
sono ga o yoku sen to hosseba mazu sono yo o yoku seyo
To write such a poem, first, be of such a mind;
To paint such a picture, first, comprehend such a form.

chikuei kai o haratte chiri ugokazu
tsuki tantei o ugatte mizu ni ato nashi
Bamboo shadows sweep the stairs,
yet stir not one mote of dust.
Moonbeams pierce thru to the bottom of the pool,
yet stir not the waters.
Track Name: A day in the Bazaar of Wonders
shori ni hokosaki o zö su
Hidden spear within a smile.

jünen kaeru koto o ezu
raiji no michi o bökyaku su
Ten years I couldn't return;
Now, the road I came in is forgotten.
Track Name: LAW [The Threefold Goddess]
kanji wa jari o kansatsu shi
netsuji wa jari o nessatsu su
Cold kills you with cold;
heat kills you with heat.

hinju rekinen
Guest and host distinguished clearly.
Track Name: IO Vapoura (Renaissantia Soft Dub)
chi gotsugotsu gotsu gotsu chi
Stupidly steadfast; steadfastly stupid.

hinji kyüsai o omou
The poor man thinks of unpaid debts.
Track Name: 1 love 0 [infinitely]
ryöko no koson suigetsu o saguru
Two monkeys reaching for the moon in the water.

To overlook; miss an opportunity; to slip from the right way.
Track Name: To Summon the Sky [The Gears of Heaven]
dondo fuge
Unswallowable, it cannot be spit out.

A one-word barrier; difficult to surpass
Track Name: Synapse Collapse [The fUSION Anomaly]
ware to döjö ni shözu to iedomo
ware to döjö ni shi sezu
We are born of the same blood,
but do not die with the same blood.

hifu datsuraku shitsukushite
tada ichi shinjitsu nomi ari
Now, my skin shed completely,
Clear reality, alone, exists.
Track Name: May Angels Take You
Ateş düştüğü yeri yakar.
[lit.] Fire burns where it falls.
[tran.] Pain is suffered most by the one who is inflicted.
Track Name: Last Train to Sheol [Fantasmas Krystalinos]
Et in Arcadia ego
Et in Gehenna ego

senko banko hito no tame ni misu
Eternally, without end, it is revealed to mankind.