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The Shadows of Sunset

by San Jaya Prime

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This is DJ Chad Is a DJ. I made a house song for you. That's right, a house song. You know what makes house so special? It's got four beats that go over and over again... forever... forever. And it's got a hi-hat... it's got a hi-hat. And, if you're lucky--which you are, because I am DJ Chad Is a DJ--I might even put a couple of echoes. It may be the greatest house song ever made by anybody ever, except for me, because I am DJ Chad Is a DJ. And that's what I do best! Is make house songs for you! 'Cuz that's what you like! I'm gonna leave you alone for a minute and let you enjoy how fucking awesome my god-damned house music is. [pause] Are you in total ecstasy yet? You should be, 'cuz that's what this was designed to make you do: be in total ecstasy... ecstasy... ex. You think about that. Can you even think when you're in total ecstasy? I'm gonna stop this now. I'm gonna stop this song for you. I know, don't cry... don't cry...
For the past ten fucking years I've been filling up these little black books with quotes pertaining to things that I had some special interest in. Then, over the next couple years, I started to learn what it was that I had a special interest in, and it was anomalistics. There's such a rich, rich anomalous history in this world that people don't give themselves over to because classic empiricist reasoning demands that they not. I hated the fact that science approached things the way that it did, with just this cold, hard calloused empirical reasoning: I can smell it, I can see it, I can taste it. There are fringe aspects of science--metaphysics, parapsychology--but everything else kinda really tends to dwell in the shadows or in the fringe areas, you know, and that's where T.V. picks it up.
Let's start with the first appearance of the grey alien. Betty and Barney Hill, they were an inner-racial married couple. They were driving home one night; they saw a bright light; they sat back in their cars; they looked at their clocks, and they'd left at eleven o'clock and it was five o'clock in the morning. So they went home, and years passed, but they started suffering from really weird neurosis--really weird things--so they went to see a shrink and the shrink suggested hypnosis. They both gave precisely the exact same account of what had gone on during that missing time. The only problem was that one of the two saw these trollish creatures doing the exact same thing that this guy thought that they were doing to him. This guy, though, saw small, diminutive, grey, wrap-around black almond-eyed creatures. So, they were perceiving the same event, but with little flourishes, which means that--whatever's happening here--is happening "from within us". And, you know, people just automatically... "I don't believe in extraterrestrials", or, you know, "I don't believe in... in fucking tectonic plate differentials", "I don't believe in 'sky beasts'", "I don't believe in extra dimensions", "I don't believe in...". It doesn't their world view. They're the center. But these things are happening to those kinds of people.
Something crashed outside of the desert in Roswell, New Mexico. There were a lot of people who said that there was a god-damned meteor or something that fell to a ranch just north of Roswell. The first people there to see it were a team of archaeologists. They were walking up and down a place called The North Road. And they saw this craft, and its wreckage, and its remains. There were bodies--one in, two outside; one struggling to breath. Some of the debris they picked up was weird stuff. Super tenacity, tin foil that you could fold into the cusp of your hand and let go, and it would just bounce out like a sheet... no wrinkles, no nothing. Glass pipes that reflected light of all different colors. Strange, strange, strange, strange things... very, very, very weird, weird things. Roswell Air Force Base, they said: "Yeah, we got a flying saucer." And then, the next day... the next day they printed a retraction and said: "No, it was a weather balloon." Okay, well, that's fine... show us the weather balloon... and they showed us the weather balloon. You know the picture of the dude standing over the weather balloon holding the piece of paper? Well, recently they did a computer enhancement of the piece of paper that he was holding, and here's what it says on that piece of paper: "AS THE [...] 4 HRS THE VICTIMS OF THE [...] YOU FORWARDED TO THE [...] AT FORT WORTH, TEX. [...] THE "CRASH" "STORY" [...] FOR 0984 ACKNOWLEDGES [...] EMERGENCY POWERS ARE NEEDED SITE TWO SW MAGDALENA, NMEX [...] SAFE TALK [...] FOR MEANING OF STORY AND MISSION [...] WEATHER BALLOONS SENT ON THE [...] AND LAND [...] ROVER CREWS[...] TEMPLE" (Ron Regehr and James Bond Johnson, 1998)
And then you have the crop circles. At the ends of them, sometimes the leaves will be de-interlaced, and then de-interlaced down and de-interlaced down into a braid. They say it was done within twenty- to thirty-seconds. And they actually did some mathematical studies into the shapes. It was non-Euclidean geometry. It was a theorem that was to be solved, and this guy solved the theorem, and it was a strange octave of notes. You're spelling out this theorem and it's like, "How do dimensions work?" Well, they operate on much the same scale as a musical octave. Often, whenever there's a crop circle, a UFO is seen either prior to or after the event. Cattle mutilation? Always... usually... that's a weasel-word. I don't wanna say "always usually". Generally speaking--if there's a cattle mutilation--sometime the night before, or in that week, there's sightings of a craft. But, abduction phenomena, always there will be a craft. Our governments been duped into admit how far they've been duped by powers that would make an extra-terrestrial look like a gummy worm.
1LT302 [RMX] 02:34
You know, the thing about UFO abduction experiences is they all follow along the same archetypal pattern. You're taken from your car or from your bed. You'll be approached by beings, and the descriptions of these beings vary. Maybe there are lights. They'll perform experiments on 'em. The main things that they did was put needles into womens' stomachs and removed eggs. Men, there was a big drive to get sperm samples. You know, they focused on the eyes... disconnect the eyes and then re-apply the eyes. And sometimes there would be these weird little things left behind. But, whenever they took those little things to laboratories, they were weird, and they didn't belong in the human body, but they weren't composed of any miraculous metals that our brilliant physicists haven't found already. Then you have the cattle mutilation. These cattle were fucking mutilated. Like, I am going to cut out the liver before I've even cut open any skin, I'm gonna move the liver to this one part of the body, I'm gonna contain all the blood here with a coagulant... without even making any incisions in the body, make one tiny hole... suck everything out. The things that they primarily took were the reproductive organs, the sensory organs, and that's it. People didn't understand what was going on.
Trolls, goblins, elves--every fucking last one of these little peoples that lived either in caves; or on hillsides; or in deep, deep parts of the forest. You don't wanna go there, because the same fucking thing will happen to you back then as it would if you were taken into a craft. The things that these little fuckers did were abominable. They didn't take you up into a craft, rather they lived, instead, on dales and in mounds. And if a human being were to somehow pass thru one of these mounds, then that person would be subject to the laws of that particular anomalies universe. It means that you can sit and stare at someone, 'n even though you can see them, they can't see you. You'll sit down, and you'll stand up, and you'll be able to walk out. And then you go back to the house and they go: "Where have you been?" "I... I just got back from the mound." "You've been gone for three and a half months!" These faeries would often abduct people and perform experiments on them, focusing mainly on the ovum of the woman and the sperm of the male. The things that these faeries did to animals very, very closely resembled the cattle mutilations that you're seeing today. Fairy-rings! They were just as amazing as the crop circles today. Now, how much of this can you believe? How much of this is fact? How much of this is just pure, pure, pure fantasy?
The human consciousness is finite. The collective unconsciousness is finite, yet unbounded. On the thoughts of a single person, it's gonna be rocky, it's gonna be tumultuous, it's gonna be volcanoes spewing lava... terrible, terrible, terrible... not a very nice place to habitat. If you blend three people together, and if you create a culture where ideas are common--where themes are shared, despite the living or the passing of even the most despicable human--then you're going to have what can only be described as a "landscape". Our goddess worship, or god worship, our deities, our trickster gods, our kings, our queens, our jokers. They create this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful rocky landscape of our shared culture--our shared worldwide culture--and it's timeless. It has no time! The only time that it has is measured by when one of its constituents comes or passes away. Consider these anomalies, and where they're coming from, and how truly psycho-social they are. If something from "beyond" tries to get our attention, it's not gonna feel pleasant... at all, in any way, whatsoever. Say there is some creature living on this landscape, and if it needed to be fed, well what the fuck do you think it's gonna eat? It's gonna eat... whatever it can.
I go thru all of these different... hypothesis... and I see inner-dimensional, I see extra-terrestrial... and none of 'em are wrong, none of 'em are right. Certainly, it's "not of this world"... certainly, not of our known reality, which is our space-time continuum. Now, I ask you: "Go thru all your scripture. Look for things like that, because they're the oldest books we have." And I'm not saying that the Virgin Mary is an alien. I'm saying that the Virgin Mary is an archetype in a Catholic community.
It's trying to tell us something. Maybe about our past, maybe about who we were, so that we could possible understand who "they" are. Zombie Apocalypse. Zombies do actually exist. You know where we got all that from? They kinda perverted it in Haiti, but this went back to a West African tradition where their god was called Nzambi. This religion is THE oldest living religion on the face of this fucking planet. There's a story about this old lady going to this African town. She's gettin' help from no one. She's leprous, she's got shit all over her face, no one wants to fuckin' let her in. 'Til this young married couple sees her, and they're like, "Hey, come on in, relax... rest them old feet of yours." This woman, just totally overcome with graciousness for this couple, said: "I'm gonna reveal myself to you now. My name is actually Nzambi. Tomorrow, there's gonna come a great flood, and it's gonna wipe out all of these fuckin' idolaters... every last fuckin' one of 'em. But you, you're gonna build a boat... and it's gonna take you to the top of the Mountain of Heaven." The similarities here are striking. We're gonna be punished with a flood of zombies. Like, it's happening, you know. It's coming to the time where something's changing... something's going on. These little pieces of everything are slowly starting to come together, and I think we're reaching an equilibrium. And I'm not gonna tell you how it all boils down in my opinion, 'cuz I think it's kinda... poppycock.
"UFOs & Monsters" LSD & Ancient Astronauts Nazi Secret Weapons MK-Ultra The Apocalypse Pyramids Vimanas Aliens and Occult Takeovers Biblical Conspiracies John Titor and Dimensional Monstrosities Oscillating Fluctuations Military Installations Phenomena an Afterlife Extra Sensory Perception Black Triangle Kites we are the summer wind Acoustic Mentholatum in the early 1960's come along you & me are summer-- am I wrong?


35-minutes of extra-terrestrially oriented electro, with explicit musings on phenomena from across a wide range of anomalistics. Welcome to the popgun steam-tart world of lectrokicko.

Production: San Jaya Prime + DJ Chad Is a DJ
Album Art: San Jaya Prime + DJ Chad Is a DJ
Mastering: BMFD
Label: Trochlear Rex, LLC. www.trochlearrex.com
Album Page: shadows.trochlearrex.com
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Location: Austin, TX; aka, The ATX
Album Art - Additional Photography:
davebluedevil - www.flickr.com/people/davebluedevil/
Jennifer Willbur - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Jwillbur


released January 31, 2011

Production + Art: San Jaya Prime + DJ Chad Is a DJ
Mastering: BMFD




San Jaya Prime Austin

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

I hitchhike, I make music, and I meddle with things. Frakking love to meddle with sheit! My business is in surprising cops in small towns everywhere with the portable studio in my backpack. You really should see their faces... McPriceless! ... more

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