The Last Memory of Laughter

by San Jaya Prime

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The 8th and final chapter in the "IO" series, carrying the broken body of the Daughter of Sol to her tragic end. Good night, sweet Terra. Sleep well. There is no more laughter here. There is only a memory.

This final chapter blends dubstep and post-step beats with the symphonic instruments of both East and West, and with many orchestral additions, glitch elements, and sampled surprises along the way.


released January 16, 2012

Production + Album Art: San Jaya Prime
Mastering: BMFD
Catalog ID: TREXDL0032
Release Date: January 16, 2012
Label: Trochlear Rex




San Jaya Prime Austin

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

I hitchhike, I make music, and I meddle with things. Frakking love to meddle with sheit! My business is in surprising cops in small towns everywhere with the portable studio in my backpack. You really should see their faces... McPriceless! ... more

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Track Name: Party at Arizona Bay (Ouka Epilogue -- Sakura)
Sampled voice from
"Your Chance to Live: Earthwatch"

it is cold, airless, forbidding
The very precision of its operation
like a surrealistic dream

there are those among us
who can comprehend its physical forces
but in the inner structure of our beings
we have not yet digested its meaning

silent, lonely, timeless
silent, lonely, timeless

a distant, cold, beauty
silent, lonely, timeless


Angel: "Arizona Bay? I thought we were never going back to Arizona Bay."

Admiral: "NO ONE thought we were going back to Arizona Bay. That's changed."
Track Name: Paper Shadows VIP
You can spend your entire life running from the darkness, or you can burn freely and bring fire into a world that's been built upon paper shadows.
Track Name: Venganza [An Angel's Fangs]
No greater blessing than an angel's grace, and no greater wrath than an angel's vengeance! May the fates have mercy on those who hunt the winged fury.
Track Name: Underwater Grave [Drowned]
She sinks below the waters... letting the depths pull her in to their dark embrace. Sleep, angel... you have fought valiantly and you have earned your peace. Close your eyes. Trust in the waters. The depths will carry you to your fallen lover.
Track Name: The Last Memory of Laughter
There is no more laughter here.
Now only a memory remains.
Our world has been abandoned.
And our laughter lives enchained.
Track Name: Lashed and Bound
Can a song be labeled "NSFW"? If the answer's yes, then consider yourself warned. This visceral dubstep selection is sexually charged and not meant for gentle ears.
Track Name: Robot Meets His Maker
"If there is a god", said Robot, "then he is the god of humans. Go to your god then!! But I am a machine. When my body falls, there is nothing... . there is no god.. and no salvation for my species. Run fleshling! I go to meet my maker, and with twisted steel and blood on my circuits."
Track Name: Forget Me Not m'oublies pas, ne m'oubliez pas... /// "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." ~George Eliot /// "Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat." ~Mother Teresa