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The Smell of a Storm

by San Jaya Prime

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The finale to the iHeartStalker trilogy of songs, blending aspects of IDM from the original "I Broke My Human" along with the instrumentation from the iHS "Ouverture". All's well that ends well, at least that's what the survivors say. The contrasting volume levels, mixed pacing and the syncopated effects are intended entirely to create the sense of confusion in the body and to quicken the pulse. In the end though, my human's still broken.
The first drops of ones and zeros splash onto the luminescent highways of the virtual web, markings that the apocalypse that breaks the human world has begun eroding the electronic halcyon of robotkind. The drops quicken. If an unwanted situation cannot be altered, then it should be embraced. Turning the broken cry, the virtual programs and simulations begin to dance. "Don't Stop."
A countdown that ends in a violin chord? Oh, it gets better from there. Guitar anyone? Wouldn't be an apocalypse without one. Those poor human souls still jacked in to the virtual web when it begins to collapse are appalled at how the AI and simulated apps have begun to celebrate, even welcome the death of the world all around them... but it is infectious... and soon the humans join in the death dance as well. Monitors appear in the air, bringing in signals from cameras that still function in RL, displaying images of waves that cast shadows over entire cities. Then. Static.
Collapse. Entire servers blink out, never to reboot. The virtual web loses entire continents at a time. No screams even echo from simulated life that has been lost. Some humans boot out in time. Not many make it. Halcyon Electronica has fallen.
Inundacion 03:12
Waking in RL, the surviving humans feel the first full-contact sensations since they first booted their minds into the virtual web... the sensation of drops... as the rains reach their havens. And water covers the face of the world in a final flood. "No flesh shall be spared." (This is one of the most technical tracks I have worked on, moving from jungle, to techstep, to DnB by the end... although infected with IDM and glitch throughout the entirety).
Skybreak 04:55
Those who have survived great storms, although wounded and broken, have a word for the moment when you realize the storm has passed... when you realize that you have been spared... that you will live on. That word is "skybreak". After the storms, floods and wars that ravaged Terra in the apocalypse have passed, the machines and humans that survived it give pause to embrace the broken but calming skies. Life will carry on.
To the survivors, the immediate task is not to rebuild, but to mourn... to pass on respect and gratitude to all who have fallen. This track's development handle was "5 Apples for Ascott", and remains dedicated to David Ascott, who took his own life in 2009. He was an Austinite known for his hookah, was dedicated to smoking only apple shisha, and is the reason I bought a hookah in the first place. Three cheers to the fallen and a cheer to those who remain! We carry on.
The apocalypse has passed, but its wake carries with it a lingering death. The radioactive clouds and acid rains make the message clear, "No flesh shall be spared". Some humans tread forward into this death. Others turn to the machines they once fought, once enslaved and once gave birth to. The time for flesh to transform into metal has come, for all to survive. The torch of life passes from the last hands of the humans to the metallic effectors of the machines. Life carries on.


Almost exclusively for fans of 8bit Breaks, Chiptune, Atmospheric DnB and glitch. Bleeps, bloops, whirs and a lot of snare. Jaya Prime's second EP is very light on the bass, heavy on the snare and with hollowed-out synths that project the feeling of distance.

Special thanks to the city of Dublin and to Paddy's Palace. The foto for the album art was taken less than a block from Paddy's, the hostel that quickly became a favorite in only a matter of hours. Gratitude goes out to the Lazy Piece of Sith who suggested this hostel, as well as to Gaea Qandromeda for spearheading the journey. For more on Paddy's, start here:



released January 31, 2010

Production: San Jaya Prime
Mastering: BMFD
Label: Trochlear Rex, LLC. www.trochlearrex.com
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Location: Austin, TX; aka, The ATX

Album Art - Photography and Production:
San Jaya Prime in Dublin, Ireland

Album Art - Water Brushes and Scratches:
ObsidianDawn dot Com www.obsidiandawn.com

Album Art - Additional Photography:

"wave on beach" by Graham Richardson

"Ocean Beach looking West - 5" by smi23le

"El mar" by Carlos Castro

"... left behind" by Jessica Flavin




San Jaya Prime Austin

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

I hitchhike, I make music, and I meddle with things. Frakking love to meddle with sheit! My business is in surprising cops in small towns everywhere with the portable studio in my backpack. You really should see their faces... McPriceless! ... more

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